released January 1, 2009

All songs written and composed by Henry Hugo
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Henry Hugo at Untuned Mobile Studio, Zurich, Switzerland, 2008. Except the drums on "3" and "9" and "10" Recorded by Oliver Schmid and Henry Hugo

Cover art Photography: Allison Fairfield (all rights reserved)

All my love and thanks to those who always support me: Pascale, Noemi, Alberto, Roberto Binda, Paolo Zangara and Maria, Roberta Cartisano, Davide Gammon, Roberta and Daniela Molteni, Asheeka, Viola Bow, Pol, Allison Fairfield, Hugo Race, Jessica Flynn, Eco and Proteus 911

Produced by Henry Hugo and Pascale Amstutz Jimenez
more info at www.henryhugo.tk

Henry Hugo: Vocals, Guitars, bass, Piano, Mandocaster, Organ, Sounds, Trumpet, Prog Drums and Brushes
Pascale Amstutz Jimenez: Violin and Backing Vocals
Oliver Schmid: Drums on, She, There is a town, and The Prophecy.

Untuned 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: I wait every night for it
I wait every night for it

Beyond the clouds where the angels gather around
the wind brings soft air and your red curls tangle up
you white silk dress falling down
and my senses are not immune to that

you walk towards me with the sea on your back
to the naked eye your freckles seem stars
that the hand of GOD has drawn and formed
the tulips droop when you pass by

in dribs and drabs the light fades out
and I yearn for not waking up
the dream disappear and the peace with it
and I want you come back to me
and I wait every night for it.
Track Name: I forgot to forget (what I wouldn't do again)
I forgot to Forget what I wouldn't do again

Credit card bills, bus full of kids,
morning headache, books full of notes,
economic news at 7 o'clock
homework to do
I forgot to forget
what I wouldn't do again

panic attack, fear of this and fear of that
meds for this and meds for that
I forgot to forget.....

they call at lunch, insurance for health, insuranvce for dog
and insurance for cats, I need to insurance my bloody ass
I forgot to forget.....

I meet a friend down there in town
she is so preoccupied and she seems so sad.
she can't decide waht to wear at night
I forgot to forget....

I come back home and I feel safe
I hear some moans there's an orgy upstairs
I clap my hand to agree they make it well
I forgot to forget...

I pop up the cork it's 3 PM o'clock
I think a lot, I should make some sport
I search for the sportwear somewhere in home
but my body says "it's a kind of joke"
I forgot to forget...

I sit like Buddha on the living's room floor
I feel some cramps and I can't concentrate so much
I look my third eye, and I cut it out.
so I give up
I forgot to forget...
Track Name: She

Oh! Merry walks on the street
She’ll learn to cry
She’ll leave me alone
On the wall without words

She never touches me
Hey baby you try to cry
Hey i was never drunk
Well, when i was young
I rise my heart to her
Changing the time
Changing the words
Cause the heart that never came

she walks in her silk green dress
and moves like a floweret
brushed by the wind
and shining like a ring

she walks with a smile on her lips
her crafty open eyes
they are behoove to beguile
and you abide them cause their charm
Track Name: As soon as she was gone
As soon as she was gone

As soon as she was gone
The gentle wind began to blow
I laid me down to read her notes
They were all apocryphus words

Hidden from me, allowed to none
Plenty of the most truly love
I felt the cruelty of those
With bloody swords cheated us all
We are not only food of worms

Heaven is closer than we’d thought
We let the blind to lead the road
And then we say it was his fault.
Track Name: Beneath the willow tree
Beneath the willow tree

Beneath the willow tree
our woes we sealed
when the sun was setting up
your hair tangled up
and I embraced you very tight
and my head laid on your thighs
while your hands cared my brow
we seemed to be two infants

-Like a beggar you asked my love
and like a butcher I cuted your heart

I heard an angel speak
right from your lips
my eyes they shone in glee
and the sweet heat of your kiss
I cruelty deceived
have your eyes ever wept for me?

Now I know I was unfair
I still feel it night and day
that my grief is not away
but I'm sure yours longtime fled
Track Name: Story of a child
Story of a child

I was young and I was strong my only wish was growing old
my father told me "enjoy your time"
my mother told me "it's your life"
I took a suit, a good pair of shoes
I took some books and booked a flight
but suddenly I realized that no one wanted me around

I was a cowboy for a while until they said your time is out
I left a horse, a cowboy hat, and turned myself into a gentelman
I had strayed into a wild life, paying for love every single night.
then I turned quiet sad, my thoughts were mazed and I rose my hands to GOD
and suddenly I realized that I already have grown up
Track Name: No more hanging around
No more hanging around

I felt a hand, which touched my head
I freed my mind
I wanted to be saved

I forgot the bars
where I used to hang
and all those girls
that I'd payed for their embrace

my shadow casts
in hopeless air
like lying on bed
it waits to be saved

like a hopeless lamb
I needed a guide
some sparkling stars
flame's scorched desire

now I'm on my way
to joy reclaim
and the gates of heaven
I'll beg to be saved

I forgot the bars
where I used to hang
and all the girls
that I used to pay for their embrace
Track Name: Looking for a place
Looking for a place

They took me to a trial
for I didn't understand
they locked me up into a bag
with some other guys

they sentenced me for life
but one day I broke out
and ran to another land
where the ladies were nice
they looked at me with lust
but they all wanted the ring in the hands

so I moved all the way south
where the sun hits so much
and the women all covered in black
and the law is divine
then GOD sent me a sign

I'd heard of a big town
so I went there and it seemed nice
so many people like ants
I'd learnt all the slangs
but they were like privat clubs

I thought once more
where do I belong from?
indeed not where I was born
I was still handsome and young
if there was a time in which I was.
Track Name: There is a town
There is a town
There is a town, in my mind,
I take the prettiest girl, And I take her to the altar.
All my changes disappear and
They stayed behind the shades of
A dirty lake.

And my best gifts shine between people,
My girl and me.
We are happy, and we live in that green hill. And a butterfly around flies.

From the window, at sunset we can see
The town, blue and lonely
A willow takes a shower of stars
There is not more shadows since I found
This town

Here the wind blows warm
And the leaves happy they move and
Mary laughs too.
And I hold her.
She looks happy
I don´t know myself
Track Name: The Prophecy
The Prophecy

The rest of my life
Is going to be dark
I’m worried of the clock
That sometimes harms to my heart

It steps over me
Like shit on the ground
This storm-girl will cross over me
Before my time’s came in

I’ve searched her ghost-lips
Traveling through my head
I see her moving faraway from me

I say to myself, “someday I’ll awake”
I’ll open my eyes and I’ll see her there
Staring at me, showing me the way
And all of you will say
“We’ve never heard his name”