Arcadian Songs

by Henry Hugo

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released September 26, 2016

All songs composed and written by Henry Hugo, except Don't Hide your Love "music by Henry Hugo and lyrics by Marilyn Rose Veil", "The goodbye song" music by Massimiliano Gallo and Lyrics by Henry Hugo.

Recorded by Henry Hugo and Massimiliano Gallo in Untuned mobile studio, Volketswil, Switzerland.
Mixed by Henry Hugo
Additional Recordings, Marilyn Rose Veil vocals recordings and treatments by Ash Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia. Strings by Massimiliano Gallo in Rockbottom mobile Studio, Praia a Mare, Italy.
Mastering by Toto Strapporava in PM studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Henry Hugo - vocals, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro, pedal steel, organ, bass, harmonium, keyboard
Massimiliano Gallo - electric guitar, bass, violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, drums
Eric Legroux - Bass
Chris Hughes - Drums, percussion and backing vocals
Marilyn Rose Veil - Vocals

Arranged by Henry Hugo and Massimiliano Gallo
String arrangements by Massimiliano Gallo

Photographs by Lisa Rene
Design by Henry Hugo on Jack Kisberi idea

Produced by Henry Hugo and Massimiliano Gallo.

Untuned 2016

Heartful thanks to all the people who've helped us in doing this record, Pascale Amstutz Jimenez, Noemi Peralta, Emily Mona, Marilyn Rose Veil, Ash Wednesday, Massimiliano Gallo, Eric Legroux, Penny Ikinger, Rosie Haden, Col Holst, Chris Hughes, Lisa Rene. also special thanks for their support to Mark Steiner, Gunnar Motland, Julitha Ryan, Hugo Race, Barbara Feldon, Vincent Allan, Gael Chadwick, Michael Plater, Robert Brokenmouth, Asheeka, Brett Poliness and everyone of you who listens to this music. thank you. love. H.Hugo



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chapter X
Chapter X

you seem to rise in anger
your face becomes blood-red
I didn't mean to blunder
I was only being unfed

Looks like a new chapter
but it might be a new book
and I'm not being the writer
such one can't hold the truth

I love you in my way
it's the only way I know
it doesn't mean it's less
'cause it's stronger than the sun

we wonder about the formless
we need to find a name
we get rid of the boldness
cause we need to keep this straight

we drink the poisoned wine
the knob it's turned to twelve
we share a hopeless laugh
this thing becomes insane

upon a shapeless satin
your anger seems to wane
in the quietness of the night
our pain feels powerless

the past's become tense
the tense's become strained
at the gate of the future present
the future will be obsolete
Track Name: The Morning After
The morning after

though we did agree to stay unknown
I am regretful at this point
and I don't know if I could bare
not to call you by your name

how did you wake up to that morning light?
the pillow was still warm
the towels wet on the bathroom floor

as I wander by the late noon streets
I settle on every stranger's face
searching for those teary eyes
by the time of the sundown

how did you wake up to that morning light?
the pillow was still warm
the towel wet on the bathroom floor
is it your fragrance or is it the rain?
there is no trace of the night before
there is no trace of the night before
Track Name: Since I know you
Since I know You

Since I know you
All my words seem like begging
Until I hold you in between my arms

I remember your green eyes
When I rest in my house
They smile at me some tired
Very bright

Since I know you
Snow is warm
The rain don't falls
The sun now gets in home
Track Name: Deep Lead Creek
Deep lead creek

Restless journey
lonely night
the weight of life is at hand

listen closely
to the sound
a deafening distant surf

in deep lead creek
I've seen her smile
in deep lead creek
I've heard her laugh

I named a creek
after her
up in deep lead's flooded land

I wish this ride
ain't got an end
all the hours all these days

in deep lead road
the ghosts stare
the time freezes in this soggy land

these little joeys
up in the trees
I wonder how they live, without a drink
Track Name: Under the Southern Cross
Under the southern cross

hurry up let me step
onto that boundless land
where I'd prospect and dig for gold
with all my heart
under the southern cross

those were my first words
but I nearly froze in the cold
and I went flat broke
under the southern cross

so I made up my mind
and I left those tools down on the dry ground
wrapped myself in a rag and strolled
under the southern cross

I've tried to get away
but conditions forced me to stay
I've struggled below the scorching sun, and lied at night
under the southern cross

Guilty were we all
to feel superior to those people
who dreamt in this land long
those who have endured and born all
Under the southern cross

when ambition waned on me
I beheld the place where I lived
It dawned on me all the beauty I ran across
under the southern cross

now if you promise me the holy grail
and all the gold and fortune someplace else
I'll tell you I'll never leave the ground that shines
under the southern cross
Track Name: Cold Night in Warrnambool
Cold night in Warrnambool

come closer darling one
before this motley sky falls off
take me to your arms
like that billow wrapped you earlier on

-and when the cold night prevails
let's sing and dance
the Warrnambool waltz

let this town to be our prison
and this room our cell
like a hidden secret nest
whereas all the universe in secret dwells

-and when we'll be too far
let's wish and hope
to be back in Warrnambool town
Track Name: The Captain
The captain

everyone is gone
it's only you and me my boy
he says "we'll reach the moon by dawn"
and later on into the void
and later on into the void

his right hand holds a glass of rhum
spitting out his wisdom's words
"if you think you've cried it all son,
you'll find ready tears to roll
you'll find ready tears to roll

I looked at him and I admired
his wit at lurk in defeating times
you cannot face the light
if you ain't coming from the dark
if you ain't coming from the dark

I said" captain, we're all alone"
he grinned and stared far beyond
There's no horizon for this wrecked boat
of there is a bottom there we go
Track Name: The Healing Song
The healing song

For all that I have done
for all the things done wrong
for all the good
for all the bad
for you told me you wouldn't bite
the hand that feeds you everynight

I'm a wounded man
I got a real painful heart
for I bud and bloom
and then I'll fade
in utter in hopeless gloom
like any unnoticed franklin tree

and all those demands from you
were just unheard
for this precious present
that won't happen again
I've written a healing song
from all the letter that you wrote
Track Name: Wasting Time
Wasting time

are you warm inside?
I feel like coming back
when this cold stops
and fire's faded out

Am I wasting time?
Am I losing time
I'll never find it out

I've been away too long
riding the frozen wind
praying for guidance from above
hoping to find you around

But I thank you all
even if you don't know what for
I apologized to you
for the troubles I might've caused to you
Track Name: The Goodbye Song
The Goodbye Song

Look at me
what do you see?
I've dwelt by the grove
where my grave's been dug

look in my eyes
how far have you got?
that cruel angry gorge
it's a shipwreck ashore

feel my side
that wound, does not harm
my sins like grains of sand
they sneak out from my hand

hear my voice
praise your grace
I hold my breath
'till I turned into clay

feel my lips
they have been ripped
for all those kisses
I've given you in my dreams

touch my skin
turn it to gilt
I'll vanish like smoke
when you trade me to the smugglers of love

hear the wind
face the breeze
they tell you are free
and yet you choose departing with me