Forgotten Songs (Found & Rebuilt)

by Henry Hugo & The Kindred Souls

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released February 1, 2011

All Songs recorded, composed and written by Henry Hugo
Original and Additional recordings at Untuned Mobile Studio during 2010
Produced by Henry Hugo and Pascale Amstutz Jimenez
Cover design by Jack B Kisberi
Untuned 2010

Sergio Agosti; Mastering
Fernando Van Lacke; guitar on "Corner Gang"
Pascale Amstutz Jimenez; Violin, Backing Vocals
Eco Nuel: Vocals on "Climbing up to the Sky"
Matias de Ezcurra; Cello
Shunny (Yanina Casa); Backing Vocals on "All I love is You"

I would like to thank to: Pascale, Noemi, Alberto, Laura, Dawn, Asheeka, Hugo Race, Roberto Binda, Jack B Kisberi, Paolo Zangara, Maria Pizzi, Pierfrancesco Adduce, Stefano Caldonazzo, Fabio Gallarati, Alberto de Marinis, Marta Collica, Jess Flynn, Dave Muldoon, Toto Strapporava, Eco, Sergio Agosti, Val Searson, Mark Steiner, Ashlee Elfman, and all of you who are always near my spirit...Thank you!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lady's Ghost
Lady’s ghost

I look to my side
The skyline fades out
And the clouds draw images on the sky
I feel out of my hand
All I want to have
The time is tight
I walk through the field
The sing of the wind joins me
And the stars begin to shine

Now in that silent town
There’s only one bar
And I come in to bright up my heart

After a while and quite glad
A lady comes in and sits on my side
I notice that my condition was pretty bad
She takes from my arm
And we go outside
To the shiny starry night
We have a hike and behold the stars
Up on the hill and lying on grass
Next thing I know
The sun wakes me up
In the same place where I began this song
Track Name: It's a Crime
It’s a crime

Lazy hands are a crime
Who waves their tongue and shout the crowd
Stolen goods never thrive
When you walk through the streets
You just see crimes
Having weapons in your house
Or selling fire guns in a candy shop
Leader hands are full of blood
How much profit gives a war
Wasn’t Cortez a genocide
Not to help is not a crime
Saying the truth but only a part
A bloody claw in your ass
Well everyday they make you that
Philosophy, theories and some strange terminology
And what I only want to hear is no more crimes
Because of God, because of land, because of oil, because of guns
There’s always a reason for a crime
Track Name: Sine Metu
Sine Metu

Lights off
I was shut away in
Surrounded by bright white walls
Dispirited and despair

Long white lock
Steady with no form
A white tighten stays press my arms

I see my lover, my all
“it’s ok, she said
It’s gone”
Then I woke up
I woke up

_sine metu, I said
I’ll walk thru whatever interfieres my way
I must go out
And face to the crowd

Children starving in the whole world
Gorgeous banquets at the very next door
Speaking of profit with don perignon
Track Name: Another Place Again
We, sail again
so take the first ship we can
You point out to this far queue
Far as far as the dreams we have
Relax, there’s nothing we’ve left behind
And no one but us can comprehend

We, fly away somewhere
And change to polluted air
How long will we hang out there?
Will take this place our dreams away?
Will we pass again through these human’s waves
And what is next? What is next?

We, walk away
And the sun rises up, it makes us well
But we are not protected against the heavy rain
Uncertainly is tomorrow’s day
And what’s the best?
Just to le the things being themselves

Are we this time taking another way?
And everybody, our names they will forget
moreover we’ll become again unnamed
-another place again, everybody our name will forget
We’ll become in unnames babe
Once again
Track Name: Sleepy Journey
Sleepy Journey

On a foggy night at night
Following a left track
That might leave me to the light
An owl watching me uptight
While I’m scratching the bug bites
I began to forge ahead
I’d been abandoned to mother earth
I slurred to myself
I was afraid of my own footsteps
I was living a nightmare

Tired and doomed
The path turned endless and rough
I stumbled from time to time
And It was hardly to stand up
To end it up
I passed through deserts. Pigsty but my soul faced them up
When my body didn’t stand
Track Name: Climbing up to the sky
Climbing up the sky

Into my arms I hold you
I see your hair on my breath
I feel your heartbeats slowly
I can’t forget your face

_ you climb the stairs to heaven
you not even look back
I see the angels around you
You climbing up the sky

I wait for a sign every night
I dream of you naked all day awake
I lost my job and friends
It seems another day in hell

_I finally found her treasures
I feel so strange before her (soul)
I pray in bed at night
I wish you come back alive

Above my roof the birds
Made their warmy nest
The crickets sing in syncopate
But I’ll never see you again

_under the ground it’s cold
the heavy tears wet this field
the tombstone says “ I love you,
forever I will”
Track Name: Roaming into Hell
Roaming into hell

I think I know this lace
Screaming lamentations everywhere
I feel my skin has turned to red
And my whole body can hardly bare
The flames around and the chaos
And this bloody boiled lake
Where the bubbles are made of pain

I got tight chains on my hands and legs
There’s no entreaty I can expect
That might to help in any case

I walk through the land of punishment
Where all you got to do is to pay and pay and pay again

There’s no light, there’s no taste or smell
But the sulphurous air running through my veins
The beast looks at me and ironic smile is drawn on his face
And says, come and pay

The beast got three nymphs, they are extremely feminine
They got names marked on their brows
They are sex, lust and excess, and they call my name
In a fake shyness way

Then I sit down and pray among the burning flames
I ask to be taken out of this place
The beast, the nymphs and the screams they follow me and still feel the scars
That the heavy chains has left on me
Track Name: Get Ready Babe
Get ready babe

The basement is prepared, babe
We only have to pray and wait
They’ll drop it down soon or late
Keep watching, cause we don’t know when

Whatever starts must to end
I can hear the trumpet of the seventh
Deafening has already played
And the moon turned red
And the sky as well

Take the things we had collected
Burn them all, they are useless
The butchers they approach,
Holding up their weapons to destroy

Leave the kids, they are innocent
Please don’t ask me what we’ve done, again

Walk beside me and don’t be afraid
He will forgive us our sins
But first we must walk through this hell
We’ll see in which ring we go to stay
The flames will take out our meaningless
Let’s face it babe, what we did well?
Track Name: A Hike on the desert
A hike on the desert

A thunder’s flash of light
Turned sand into a bonfire
A voice came out from the sky
I stood so dumb
The speaker took my soul
A fear rolled down from my head

I’ve been a blasphemer, and violent man
I was the worst, in between the worst
And I persecuted and killed every Christian soul
I said “Lord, forgive what I’ve done”
He split the sky and I saw paradise

After that everything got quiet all over around
Another thunder flashed down
Turned my sweat into coldest ice
But the heat as a lash
I drank the water from the Lord’s cup

In a gallow- tree someone hanging down
Now people try to get my ass and hang me down
Oddly enough I was touched by the Lord hands
And He took my soul out of this agony
Track Name: The Painful Love
The painful love

Spread laugh on that heart
And join the lover’s trance
When the evening star does shine
Let the painful love flows out

First it’s mute and then it’s loud
As crawling first and later flies
As first a glance and then the sweet pat
The painful love comes just like that

Breast to breast the hearts do rest
And sorrow weeps that innocence
Like the flowers at the break of day
The painful love is our bread

We cannot sure, life to buy
Every mile we delight
Like the beach each grain of sand
Let the painful love beguile us

Let the hypocrite to howl
The really are no more than bones
And if you feel a kind of woe
It means the painful love began
Track Name: I don't know why (she ain't never coming back)
I don’t know why she ain’t never coming back

The fields are just so sad
That when they wake up, they don’t see the sun
‘cause you left them with no air
the sky has clouds and the house without any noise, and the house with out any noise

I couldn’t said farewell, with few tears in my face
And my dog just won’t bark anymore
The roots don’t grow up anymore
And I’ve walked to find you
But I’ve founded the future without you

You forgot your child-dress
That I smell and I take
Like a tree-roots to the ground
Your curls left a painful smell
The corn is mocking me
And I shout to thee
But she can’t hear me

Oh Mary I’m missing you
Well I got no the truth
And I’m just doing a coffin for me
And I’ll hope to see your hair
So I’ll see you come back again
Even it will be in my dreams
Track Name: To Mona
To Mona

-Why did you go?
Why you forgot it all?
I want to see you once more?

You left the half of a soul
And a non-beating heart
You were so nice weird as a summer breeze
And suddenly you got sick
Was really I your favourite?

I will ever remind, the way you took my hand
All the way back, when I was just a child

Your eyes, the most beautiful pearls
Your hair, so blonde as a daisy chain
I was ill and you suffered much more than me
You could feel all my dreams
Track Name: Innocence Song
Innocence song

The snow is falling down
And we set the sparkling fire up
I look through my window-glass
A falling star passes by
Lovers in doorways of the lady’s house
Streets are painted white
And the widow walks in black

I long for the bells to chime
And rejoice my spiritual life
I long to twiddle my thumbs time
When felt twinges in my heart

I long for the faith of an infant
The innocence of believing a lie
Through my wide open eyes
It perishes when I pray at night

My first vision of light
It rests in someone else’s heart
And wraps me in love from up to down
I never again sorrow find
Track Name: Where do you go?
Where do you go?

Her eyes watching me through the bed
And her lips satisfy my thirst
Last night without colours she was, kissing my face
She patted my head
That’s the way as she loves
That’s the way as she loves

_where do you go, my love?
Where do you go, my love?
Where do you go?, and I don’t

From the lake, a blond hair appears
Anywhere I’ll stay, love
Anywhere I’ll step, my lover
Such will be my dream that
When I asleep I will play with you

In the midnight her deepest smell
I feel it in my heart
My tears fall down upon my shaven face
This is the course of my things
Track Name: All I love is you
All I love is you

Write me love
Write to this poor soul
I need to hear, your voice
And your laugh, I need to see your smile

I cry your name
By midnight I can’t even rest
I can’t wait to hold you, you are my life
Oh¡ Pascale¡¡, please write now
‘cause all I love is you

my hands confess
they want to travel through your skin
and my arms, they want to embrace you tight
as snow melting in your arms

don’t be sad.
I want to calm you down
I feel like tied up, anyway I’ll try
Oh¡ Pascale, you know you are my life

_‘cause all I love is you
all I want is you
all he loves is you (choir)
all I love is in you.
Track Name: Orphan Boy
Orphan Boy
I want to talk, about a boy
He only spoke, just once
In a monastery he’s grown
Among the silence and the work

He knew five tongues
He’d read it all
But until then he never spoke

The monks the taught
To this orphan boy
He never asked
Why there he was

One springtime day
What happened was
He wanted to go
To see the world

Strange was for all the monks
When they realized
That he had gone

He was on the road
When an old lady he crossed
Started to talk he couldn’t stop

He wanted to say
All what he knew
He was so sure about the world

Amazed was of all the beauty he saw
He was surprised of his own voice
His story life he told
And how by the monks he was found

After a while the old lady spoke
And she said “ boy, I am your mom”

Poor little boy,
when he understood
all the things, that in this world he didn't know
and after this, he never spoke
a word no more

Inspired on a short tale by C. Pizarro