Henry's Review (Extended Version)

by Henry Hugo

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released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: Henry Street
Dear street, old high trees
Paving street, corner guys drinking beer
Some stoned, threshold's home
With rest of love

-All of this in henry street

Chinese store, Japanase ironing couple
Spanish bakery, Italian ice cream shop
Russian violinist
French pianist

Violent gangs, grumpy man
All of this in henry street
Football club, old candy man
All of this in henry street
Tears around, bus stops
Track Name: Everything wants to be loved
And suddenly comes, the panic of loss
Thereís nothing to avoid, thereís nowhere to go
And although this very sad song
Is breaking your heart
And all seems so wrong

A big red rose attempts to hide from the fern
And you realized youíd been like it
You stood so blind to its presence and you did liken
But the rose and the fern they want to be cared
And your eyes didnít stop to compare

And the dog is outside
Watching you through the window glass
And the steams coming off from his round snout
And he snuffles and snuggles and now paws at the door
And he wants to be love like the fern and the rose

But now you plunge yourself into a sad plateau
Waiting under the shadow of hope
There's nothing saddest than not being loved
And you try to cheer up the rubble of your heart
Track Name: I don't know why (she ain't never coming back)
I don't know why she ain't never coming back

The fields are just so sad
That when they wake up, they don't see the sun
'cause you left them with no air
the sky has clouds and the house without any noise, and the house with out any noise

I couldn't said farewell, with few tears in my face
And my dog just won't bark anymore
The roots don't grow up anymore
And I've walked to find you
But I've founded the future without you

You forgot your child-dress
That I smell and I take
Like a tree-roots to the ground
Your curls left a painful smell
The corn is mocking me
And I shout to thee
But she can't hear me

Oh Mary I'm missing you
Well I got no the truth
And I'm just doing a coffin for me
And I'll hope to see your hair
So I'll see you come back again
Even it will be in my dreams
Track Name: You are the only star that shines
You're the only thing
That shines

You're the only one
You're the only star that shines
In this old land
In my drunk heart
In my dirty hands
Only what I have

You're the only one
You're the only man that holds me at night
When Iím pretty sad
And I do cry
So I remember that
Youíre only what I have

You're the only thing that makes me get up
In the morning, while the sun begins to shine
When I should write, I don't know how

You're the only one
You're the only thing that keeps me blind
I become insane
Iíve lose my way
So I should blame myself
I chose you as my man

You're the only one
You're the only star that shines
In my sad nights
In my empty camps
Full of breaks and mud
Only one what I have

You're the only one
You're my holder and owner
My tender lover
My cup full of wine
My desperate orgasm
Only I want to have
Track Name: Can't get you out
Can't get you out

If I ask you one more time
Did you enjoy when we were one?
It's just to keep one good remind
One good remind
Can't get you out of my mind
From my mind

The unspoken words the unmade complaint
The wasted time, I couldn't matter less
Even your winter of discontent
Your discontent
Can't get you out of my mind
From my mind

Wounds and scars our inheritance
And also entire rainy days in bed
But it was just like an empty space
An empty space
Can't get you out of my mind
From my mind

time cleaned up any trace
there's nothing eve to mend
the wounds and scars will forever stay
can't get you out of my mind
from my mind
Track Name: My Sweetheart
My sweetheart

My sweetheart wakes up
And her dark hair
Is like before she's slept
She spent last night
With this old clown
She squeezes my arm
To see if I'm awaken up
She calls the dog
I feel her morning outflow

She makes the breakfast
And gets back to bed
She brought with her my cornflakes
I can't believe she is still with me
She draws back the curtains
I don't deserve her, I feel her morning essence

So we got married
We were so young
I was confused, I think so she was
All what I said belongs the past
I lost her many years
I call her name at night, I think someday she'll come back
Track Name: This Perfect Day
This perfect day

You heard so kindly
All the tales
That I told you
In this old stoned tavern
You did laugh and smile
As the birds outside were wet
And inside the firewood burned
We ate, we ate

We left the shame aside
As people unmoved passed by
They eat and quickly leave
Talking about our lives
We were gone to work
But I came back in love
I hoped that day was never gone

Every expression of her face
Made me remember to someone else (
I couldn't leave to compare her
Her not much words that she said
She was there, but she wasn't
And I for a while lived the past

It's a simply story about love
And so as a bad day of job
In the silence of the route
When we came back
I swear to God
I wish to kiss your mouth
And to end this day like that
Track Name: Siren's Song
Siren's Song

I hear the sirens
Calling me
From the deep blue sea

I say the last words
To my darling
And I come into the sea

_and I don't even know to swim

they hypnotized me
with their singing

like a zombie
I try to swim behind their singing

_once in the ocean, I couldn't set myself free

the shore is far
and I feel
they take me down where the big fish sleeps

they sentence me
to a life in the deep
Track Name: Death and me
Death & Me

On the sofa by my side, she sat down
She was pale and dressed in black
She smiled and said, take your time
She took me tight between her arms
I felt weak and tired
Later on, we argued about life
I noticed that she was wise
Stormy tone she spoke it out, in a funny way she said come on!
it ain't that bad
outside the moon was setting up
And its light passing through the window glass
When she asked weren't you called The Saddest Guy?
And I couldn't look at her deep dark eyes
so finally the night is up she added
Let's take a walk under these sparkling stars
We still have some hours 'till your judgement starts
Track Name: The Sorrowful Woman
The sorrowful woman

Sobbing in her room
Her tears finally flowed
Her face, as lawn with dew
She spoiled herself in weeps
Pouring all her fears and grief

She writhes her soft dark hair
Hoping her grief's gone and fled away
And happiness and smile come back to her face
But until this befalls
She's pouring all her fears and grief

Endless bane, heavy chain
That all of us do have
Brings us a momentary sky
In this hell despite

And she's still sobbing loud
All her thoughts she lets flow out
And she allayed herself in mind
But yet she couldn't the daily news to understand
Track Name: The Last Words
The last words

Now that I can talk
I'm gonna say my last words
Now that I can talk
I'm gonna say a prologue
becasue I'm almost gone
you won't hear my words no more
I got to the end, where the wounds cannot be healed

-you will hear no more, my words, now everything's told
What do I can add, so far, I'm getting quite tired

Words never told before
Words that terrify my soul
Finally just words and sounds
To someone, any loss

Did you hear about the coming war?
Did you hear about what they talk?
They talk about their rake-off
I ought to tell you it seriously
They squeeze you up
Until you get quite tired

The passion has not end
But the times have already changed

-these are my last words you know, now everything is told

these are my last words you know i want talk no more