Last Season's Love

by Eco and Henry Hugo



This record is a collaboration between Henry Hugo and Eco Nuel


released January 9, 2009

Recorded at Untuned Mobile Studio, Zurich, Switzerland by Henry Hugo
Additional recordings at Rockbottom Mobile Studio, Italy by Massimiliano Gallo.
Mixing and Mastering by Massimiliano Gallo
Photos by Victor Labanchi
All songs are written and composed by Henry Hugo, Except "Blss his ever loving heart" written and composed by Nick Cave, published by Embassy music corporation and used by permission
Produced by Henry Hugo and Eco

Special Thanks to:
Pascale Amstutz, Victor Labanchi, Massimiliano Gallo, Viola, Maria and Peppinuccio, Alberto and Noemi, Asheeka, Hugo Race, Roberto Binda, Paolo Zangara and Maria Pizzi, Antonella Ponce, Roberta Cartisano, Darren Cinque, Davide Gammon (motherfuckart)

Untuned/Rockbottom 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Memory song
Memory’s song

A piece of sleeve
Or a paper with images
Makes me gear the skin
They make me cry
Makes me drink and remember
I pass for moments and images
I translate to a silently party
They make me get crazy, they don’t let me breath
They make me get in the moment’s play
Cry, cry, cry.........all the rest will pass
Track Name: I've come to
I ´ve come to

I´ve come to bring your heart
It doesn´t work no more, like before
I´ve come to say goodbye
And that´s the last time I have come
Are you upset?
´cause I give you back your heart

i´ve come to go away
runaway from you, yes I do
I´ve come to show my face
Do you frown?
Maybe you still don´t understand

I´ve come to take my shoes
To take my whole things, and it´s no much
I´ve come to pack my books
That I want to read again, without you
So I´ll start my way again

I´ve come I don´t know why
Perhaps I always come back
Track Name: Men of little faith
Men of little faith

Oh you¡ men of little faith
Christ, Jesus Christ said to them
Oh you¡¡ men of little faith
While we sailed, we were afraid of perishing here
But Jesus said: “ why do you fear?”

Oh you¡ men of little faith
Let it all in Jesus Christ hands
It’s so hard for us believing in faith

If the grass which God put, here is today
And tomorrow is thrown into the fire
Won’t he make much more for his sons?

Oh you¡ men of little faith
Let it all in the our Lord’s hands
And throws the doubt as far as you can

When we hadn’t nothing to eat
We forget the five thousand breads
Between five thousand men

Oh you¡¡ men of little faith
Jesus said reminding to them
How many baskets did you collect?