Songs of Faith and Despair

by Henry Hugo & The Kindred Souls

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released January 1, 2012

All Songs composed and written by Henry Hugo
Recorded by Henry Hugo at Untuned Mobile Studio, Zurich, Switzerland in 2011. Except "Got a Life" composed, written and recorded by Jack B. Kisberi in Budapest, Hungary.
Overdubbing and Additional Recordings by Henry Hugo at Untuned Mobile Studio.
Mixed By Henry Hugo
Mastering by Toto Strapporava in PM Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cover Design by Jack B Kisberi.
Image by Frank C Papé
Photo cover by Mark Steiner

Henry Hugo: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Bass, Double Bass, Piano, Organ, Dobro, Lap Steel, Banjo, Electric and Acoustic Mandolin, Rhythm Machine, Ebow, Slide guitar, Sounds and String Arrangements.

Jack B Kisberi: electric guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Drums, Backing vocals on "Got a LIfe"

Stefano Caldonazzo: Drums and Percussion on "Got my Yesterdays"
Alberto de Marinis: Acoustic guitar on "Got my Yesterdays"
Fabio Federico Gallarati: Dobro and Jewish harp on "Got my Yesterdays"

Produced by Henry Hugo and Pascale Amstutz Jimenez
Untuned 2012

I would like to thank warmly to all my Kindred Souls around the globe.
Thank you so much!!....Pascale Amstutz, Emily Mona, Noemi Peralta, Alberto Jimenez, Laura Jimenez, Dawn (Viola bow) Novak, Asheeka, Allison Fairfield, Baiba Bondare, Marta Collica, Gonçalo Fonseca adn Valerie, Valentine Jaquier, Jack B Kisberi, Toto Strapporava, Paolo Zangara and Maria Pizzi, Roberto Binda, Jean de Oliveira, Roberta and Daniela Molteni, Mark Steiner, Pavel Cingl, Hugo Race, Pablo Vecchio, Emiliano Orlante, Piefrancesco Adducce, Stefano Caldonazzo, Alberto de Marinis, Fabio Gallarati, Val Searson, Ashlee Elfman, Azalea Lada Sedlackova, Lucia Obby Barthova, Awal team and all of you who are always near my soul and always remember know who you are.
Love, H.H

This Record is dedicated to the memory of John Molyneux, R.I.P



all rights reserved
Track Name: Go calm into that goodnight
Go calm into that goodnight

We never know when the phone will call
There's no hurry, there's no sign at all
We are hopeless and we cannot know
When the night is gonna fall upon us all
And even though we know the sunset hour
We assume it will be warm by middle summer
Go calm into that goodnight
May be angels by your side

We are stepping soil of million of years
We expect to live as long as Mathuselah
Some look at you from high above
but our feet step the same ground floor
And as today we can predict a storm
We can't predict the damage done

We will leave the ashtrays full of butts off
It reminds that everything goes back to dust
We are gonna darken on someone's door
And we will be sleeping like a log
And even though we know it all
Night falls upon each one of us
Track Name: Got my yesterdays
Got my yesterdays

I've been doing what I shouldn't do
I've driven routes that no one took
On a wrecked car across an endless land
I found my angel, right on my back
Though I'd leave my yesterdays die
That's the way the glass ran out

Ain't no trick it ain't no catch
I still miss those nights
All the time I've been wandering around
She's so far from me now, she don't even know who I am
I want she cares me at night
That's the way I pour again my glass

Yesterday is not that far
It comes and goes without to ask
If I would decide to come back
I want to find, to find her around
But until I go to her
I've only got left my yesterdays
Track Name: Our Lady of Sorrow
Our lady of sorrow

Oh dear I have no will
Iím free from being or not to be
I donít agree or disagree
I only face my misery

I want no smile I cannot keep
No birthday party nor New Year ís Eve
But those eager fingers that I miss

Those days of necessity
Iím now used to it
No tears, regrets nor fear
There's no space to pile up more pain
Now our lady of sorrow protects me
Track Name: Erlkönig

Oh father ride, cut the wind and night
I'm cozy and warm above your lap
Who's that man with cloak and crown?

Oh son, why do you hide your face?
It's only a wisp of fog of what you are scared
I see it well the old willow seems so grey

Father can't you hear with Oberon said?
His daughters wait for me and dance and sing as well
Now he seizes me and hurts me so bad

Be calm my child, it's only withering leaves
I gallop fast, please donít moan my child
We are about to arrive at the doctorís yard and your pain will cease now
Track Name: Don't let this moment go
Don’t let the moment go

Hush my dear and listen please
Fantasize and dream of me
Echoes sing a lullaby leaves
That wrap the evergreens

The breathe of nature lingers up
It takes to you my sweetest lines
Written by my trembling hand
And secretly they can’t wait to arrive

-our whispers in winter winds
They are as warm as a lover kiss
And every beat of each heart ache
I feel the stab of every nerve

The garden of my heart called gloom
Where violets and daisies dressed full bloom
They are bringing you my very true
But the change of season turns them blue

There’s something that we’re up to
But either you or me, we don’t dare to do
Let’s leave these tunes to make their work
Let’s hush and hear this lover’s song
Track Name: Cold Blue Sky
Cold blue sky

The shelter's closed to the underdog
The bus ain't drive to the last stop
The books don't say about this pain
Unanswered quests run through my veins

I'm staring at
This cold blue sky, one more time

How come the winter is so long?
Long enough to harrow a meaningless soul
As long as you keep hate
You'll always feel despaired

There comes a time when the path changed
There comes a time when darkness reigns
Open the umbrella for the heavy rain
But keep the sunglasses in case the sun prevails
Track Name: The well is empty
The well is emptied

Scorched desert, infested lands
Endless journey without a guide
Sore eyes, weak limbs
The soulís abandoned a hopeless dream

-the well's been emptied

Words are vanished from my tongue
Canít put together all my thoughts
Distance is a word that scares
My legs they shake and cannot stand

I'm staring at the things that the wind does move
I feel myself swept by a broom
There was a time the well was full
But now is dark and deep
Track Name: P.O Box
PO Box

Locked in, I guess that luck was never with me
I made wrong and not only once
I'm doing my time
And I doubt I'll make it out on time
And when you grow up
Don't blame for not being there
I didn't know that I'd hurt you so

I would erase all what I have made,
I would have changed myself
If I would have known that I've been sown
And when you think about what I have done
A sudden qualm will come,
Believe my word, I love you so

By this time, you surely know what the worst was
But I've been told, that you bravely faced it all
And now I know, that my prayers reached the Lord
And if you are asked, where you come from?
Just tell them I've never known
Track Name: The other side of the looking glass
The other side of the looking glass

behind a hollow smile, deep into drunken eyes
a drifter mind a deep sigh, on the other side of the looking glass
there stands a man whose expressionless face reflects bloodless veins
we ask ourselves whoís standing there on the other side of the looking glass

the seas are black, the clouds pour wine, prayers reach a form divine
and yet he tries to figure out whatís on the other side
is there a soul? Is there a loom? Or a simple sad figure

among the crowd he is one more man, but cannot see his double one
his mind returns to what he saw in the looking glass a while ago
his walk's slow his hands are cold and his shadow's gone

now he's back, standing right in front of the empty looking glass
Track Name: Forgiveness Song
Forgiveness Song

I think of you, of course I do
When I close my eyes
To a sunless place, I feel your lips
Your breast your waving shapes

I think of you when I'm drunk
When I see the waves crashing against the isle
I think of you without regrets
As I keep you in mind, like my late pet
I think of you when the snow falls
And the cold outside wraps my bones

I think of you when I cross path
With that car parked at your door once
I think of you when I have nothing better to do
I think of you when I take the antidepressants
But I wrote you a forgiveness song