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released April 1, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastering by Henry Hugo at Untuned Mobile Studio, Zurich, Switzerland.
All songs written and composed by Henry Hugo, except where noted, Written by Viola bow
Photo model and taken by Jessica Flynn and Eco

Henry Hugo: Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Mandocaster, Bass, Organ, Electric drum, and so on.
Roberta Cartisano: Bass on "The Lame Man" and Piano on "Waiting in Eternity"
Produced by Henry Hugo and Pascale Amstutz Jimenez
Untuned 2010

I want to thanks specially to my talented friend Dawn (Viola Bow) for her amazingly inspiring writing, for contributing and being part of this record. Thanks Dear!
I also want to thank to all the people who are always near to me in spirit:
Pascale Amstutz, Noemi and Alberto, Laura, Viola, Roberta Cartisano, Asheeka, Roberto Binda, Paolo Zangara and Maria Pizzi, Hugo Race, Jess Flynn, Eco, Victoriano Labanchi, Tot, Davide Gammon, Dave Muldoon, Pierfrancesco Aducce.
Thanks Mr RSH (rest in Peace)



all rights reserved
Track Name: In Purgatory
A squalid no man’s tale
Of blood rose red and hail
This cell rains contempt
Like marks men kept unkempt

This cell is heaven sent
Whispers loudly a bohemian hell
Faint as embers on your hearth
My legs they shake
In purgatory the flames they burn

I stand erect as the shooters aim my head
To clean my soul and born again
The fire, the wind, the air, the earth
They bring a truly kind of existence

I see visitors in their boats
But I’m not allow to talk
Track Name: A different kind of beauty
A Different Kind of Beauty
Lyrics: Viola

Every morning when I awaken
This motley world, my soul forsaken
The murkiness hangs like a veil
This morbid ship on which I sail

The blackness who now whispers death
Exhaling smoke within each breath
Has come to take my love away
A torrid outburst, a funeral sway

And with each sigh I dare to wonder
Who is this monster making thunder?
With every movement the pain grows worse
Who is this witch that caste this curse?

A different kind of beauty I then found
Of angel harps and heavenly sound
Like a curtain, I pulled you asunder
I realized then you were here to plunder
Yet with this strength you were defeated
The beauty shone, my life completed

Stepping through the looking glass
I reflected on the greys of past
I glanced upon the sunlit river
My soul alive, my heart aquiver
For you to seek the beauty you own
Deep within your very bones
Track Name: In Momentum
In Momentum
Lyrics: Viola/Hugo

In momentum,
The stars swing
Dipping in harmony
As comets sing
Radiating brightly
On every little thing
In momentum
Each spring you bring

In momentum
I hear your hush
Your beautiful silence
Fulfill my rush
I gallop through meadows
With lambs I gush
In momentum
Bring me your touch

-Dance with me beneath this starry night
Let your body to trust my arms
Give me now your moor’s desire
Before it’s time to say goodbye

In momentum, I don’t think twice
Your body burns in my playful hands

In momentum, the life goes by
Leaving steps in path of sand

In momentum, you are so far
I wish there is soon a time for us

In momentum, I sing these lines
Making true what I fantasize
Track Name: Let there be light
Let there be light
Lyrics: H.Hugo

Move tour veil off of your face
Wash your hands and try to clean them very well
Put on your coat, it’s gonna rain
Open your windowsill and let the light come in
I would say it’s never late

Let there be light

We have created all this pain
Which in the future we’ll all complain
Sweeping tears that we’ve never shared
Hiding sins that we think we’ve never made
There’s no table clothe free of stain, there’s no flowers blooming with no rain
God will sing tears of joy, the day that we let the light come in
We can start once again, without refrain of our useful senses
Track Name: Where do we go now?
Where do we go now?
Lyrics: H.Hugo

My love, who always spoke without words
I truly think that we are one
I feel from far the beat of your heart
When I turn my body over you
In this season that all is doomed
where do we go now?

For the passion that lingers on
I wrote many poor songs
Full of roses and mould
For this I’ll be called a prominent hack
For telling the truth with my unpleasant slur
Right out of my worried tongue
where do we go now?

Now I see you on the bed
And the light of this dawn
Gets in this motel room
Where we’ve made love the night before
-where do we go now?
Track Name: The lagoon of lust
The lagoon of lust
Lyrics: Viola

Meet me down by the lagoon
Where the fishes swim and the lovers swoon
Please take my hand and lead me there
I trust you will, I trust you dare

Lead me to your clamshell bed
Where fantasies swirl inside my head
Let’s swim amongst the manta rays
And frolic as the stingrays play
Their graceful fins that act as wings
Caressing all our mortal sins

Let’s ride astride the dolphin’s wave
And dally in the sandman’s cave
Let’s dive to depths we’ve never been
And greet the sea life never seen

Oh lead me to your lusty lair
I’ll meet you there and there I’ll share
All my stories and your desires
And all your charms I so admire
Track Name: Journey to the guillotine
Journey to the Guillotine
Lyrics: Viola

Little tin soldiers aligned in the snow
Little girl's army maligned with the foe
Little boys' toys preparing to march
Little doe's coiled assembling the arch

Little echo of the distant rumble
Little silence on the off-set tumbrel
Little whispers from the guillotine
Little vespers from the virgin queen

Little shadows and little cries
Little entrails and little sighs
Little enlightenment on this journey
Little sojourns on this gurney

Little temptation in a little rain
Little cascades of bewildering pain
Little trembles on this cart of souls
Little embers amidst hearts of coals

Little forgiveness and God fearing havens
Little escape from inevitable ravens
Little insight to crowds that surround
Little sunlight in deafening sound

Little peace and the torture commences
Little relief as we're robbed of our senses
Little children pelting their fruit
Little garrisons welting the mute

Little derangement as the barrow emerges
Little eruption as the audience surges
Track Name: Tender is the night
Tender is the night

This is the time of the greyest sky
Where nightmares travel at speed of light
My lover calms the ireful squall
As temperance simmers in swirling storm
Despite my fears and woes
My anguish screams, my soul exposed

-I don't know how and I don't know why
She softly sleeps to lullabies
but tender is the night"

I curse the sun when it is gone
For starlights hiss to morbid song
Nestled 'neath protecting arms
Besotted by your wealth of charms
for I forget I'm also flesh
Desirous fool for sweet caress

and when the morning besets the sky
She readies me for sacrifice
and she will leave her wake behind
Our soul-less sorrow enmeshed, entwined
Kneeling, pleading, I beg the stars
Reveal her beauty, conceal her scars
Track Name: Song at Dawn
Song at Dawn
Lyrics: H.Hugo

“I’ve swept up all my sins
And chucked them into a bin”
She kindly invited me in
She said “now you are clean”

The poor dog was asleep
As dawning light came in
We didn’t even dare to speak
And kept our feelings deeply in

It’s too late to blame the sun
Don’t know if I’m right or wrong
My blood boiled inside my heart
This subtle deal between us

I’m fearful of your very touch
When you care my weakest part
I lit a cigarette, watched her black painted fingernails
I stood beside the window half way dressed
Beheld her laying on the bed

I whispered her some words
From my happy morning heart

She seemed a masterpiece, full of color in her skin
The room smelled her fresh fragrance
I sat myself upon the bed
I said my deepest secrets with my white trembling fingers
Track Name: The Lame Man
The Lame Man
Lyrics: Viola

When the hounds were howling
Like wind through evergreens
I heard a lame man moaning
In sand dunes by the sea
I heard his cries that evening
As he wallowed in his grief
I heard his heartfelt prayers
As he pleaded for relief
I decided I would seek him
So I grabbed my cap and cloak
I wanted to protect him
From his land of little hope
Now the storm was wild that night
And the winds were mad, ferocious
Attempts to heed his screaming
Well, they really were precocious
I struggled through the bedlam
Fireflies did guide my way
I trundled on determined
Not to try another day
I finally found him bitter
Beside a stark, rock pool
He continued to bemoan
That in hindsight he's a fool
But my darling lover
Be well and keep your smile
The lady who does love you
Will lay with you a while
She'll lie with you forever
If you only let her in
Her passion is not fruitful
If your answer speaks of sin
Everyone needs comfort in this
Harsh and bitter place
Every heart is childish
As we anguish in our grace
As long as we are truthful,
No fear should ever be
My love for you, sincere
Will be eternally
And if you feel so frightened
By my silent, sheepish tones
Its only I'm as frightened
As your deadly, nightly groans
Track Name: Second Hand Dame
Second hand dame
Lyrics: H.Hugo

Your bed of Hades does burn
In the parking lot of the damned
It doesn’t seem to be fair
After all the lonesome men that you have saved

-come to me, with the dull December breeze
Sty with me till my heart is no more sick
Make me feel, as much I used to feel
Lay with me

Recite to me, of those wounded men
It’ll make me feel, I’m not like them
With your silent hand I’ll born again
You, my second hand whore dame

-come to me, I will hug you tenderly
Let me be, the one who wipes off your tears
Sing to me, till my eyes are heavy and dim
Track Name: Waiting in Eternity
Waiting in Eternity
Lyrics: Viola

And so she waits
Mute in the silence
Restless in the night
The unencumbered child
In her house of no respite

And so she waits
Listless in sorrow
Patient in her pain
The all-consuming horror
Upon the land of no refrain

She listens for the wind fall
For the knock on her door
She listens in vain
To the sound of disdain
We all wait like she waits

And so she waits
Endlessly hiding
And so she waits
Tragically dying
And so she waits